Breast Implants

What makes up a breast implant?

Breast implants currently available on the market are all made of a soft silicone rubber shell filled with a liquid or semi-solid gel to replicate the shape and feel of a real breast. The outer breast implant envelope is composed of the same medical-grade rubber silicone used in other reconstructive implanted devices (i.e. heart valves, and orthopedic implants). When used for breast augmentation, this material is inert and causes a little reaction with the surrounding breast tissue. Breast implants are usually classified by the composition of the internal contents filling the breast implant. Only breast implants filled with salt water or silicone gel polymer are FDA and Health Canada-approved for use in cosmetic breast augmentation.

Breast implant material science continually evolves. Past generations of breast implants had design flaws that lead to significant rates of rupture of the external rubber silicone shell envelope. Furthermore, older models of breast implants that were filled with liquid silicone were susceptible to “bleed” where the internal liquid silicone filling could passively migrate externally through the rubber shell of the implant. The current generation of breast implants has had these design flaws corrected. The external silicone shell is now extraordinarily durable. Silicone gel-filled implants are currently engineered with cohesive gels that do not migrate through the breast implant’s external silicone rubber shell. With the increased durability and improved preservation of implant integrity, there has been a corresponding reduction in the number of possible complications. The current medical literature suggests these implants to be safe when used for cosmetic breast augmentation. Scientific research has shown that there is no relationship between breast implants, breast cancer, and other diseases.

Do breast implants have different models and styles?

Breast implants exist in a variety of sizes, weights, and shapes. Implant manufacturers fabricate and market a surprisingly wide array of models and styles. Advances in breast implant material science facilitate the orderly introduction of new brands, each with its own marketing campaign touting the superiority of its product. It is no surprise that a patient might have difficulty identifying the specific model and style of implant that will yield the best outcome for her particular breast augmentation procedure.

The importance of understanding breast implants and the different types?

Learning the fundamentals of breast implant technology and understanding the basics of its biological interactions in the human body are useful discussion points to have with your surgeon during your breast augmentation consultation in Montreal. This guide provides background information and useful talking points for your consultation.

Breast Implant Options

How to choose a breast implant’s size?

The size and volume of breast implants are quantified by metric milliliters and not expressed in bra cup measurement units. Choosing the optimal size of an implant can be challenging. Your surgeon must listen attentively to your desired ideal breast to choose a range of implants with physical dimensions that will have a high likelihood of achieving your desired look. The actual final choice of implant size is then determined by using the quality of your soft tissues to project their tolerance to accommodate and adapt to hold an implant of that particular size. At your consultation, Dr. Chen Lee will explain in detail his approach to choosing the best implant dimensions for your desired look.

Although there are many brands and models of breast implants, Dr. Chen Lee recommends that you make your choice of breast implant on the basis of the following characteristics: content, form, and surface. Your choice of an implant may affect the skin incision options, length of the scar, final feel, and appearance of your breasts. Dr. Chen Lee will do his utmost to help you make the best decisions.

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